How to use the Formula/Equation Editor

Created on 2012-03-31 at 20:15:28.
Last updated on 2012-03-31 at 20:07:04.
The following is a brief tutorial on using the formula/equation editor in your paper/abstract submission.

How to add a formula in IFESS Submission
You can also use the HTML Source editor if you would like to modify it manually (click the blue HTML button - 2nd from the left on the second row). Edit the text inside <span class="AM">` enter your latex formula here `</span>. The ` is not a quote, it's a back tick/grave accent (the symbol on the left of button key 1 on a QWERTY keyboard).


You can also use the table tool to insert text and formulas with different alignment. To change the alignment, right click the table that you've inserted, then click Table Cell Properties.

IFESS Editor - formula with different alignment

IFESS 2012 Formula