FES of denervated muscles – a novel therapeutic option after peripheral nerve lesion

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Peripheral nerve lesion / flaccid paralysis – there is a novel therapeutic option:
Appropriate FES provides maintenance of muscles and reduces risk of decubitus ulcer


  • Winfried Mayr, Ph.D.
  • Peter Biowski, M.D.

Workshop Description: ½ Day

The workshop is designed as a hands-on workshop with a comprehensive introduction on physiological, clinical and technical basics, safety issues, handling of equipment and guidelines for supervised home based therapy. As FES of denervated muscles differs fundamentally from classical neuromuscular FES the main particularities are addressed in an open interactive discussion. The goal is to train qualified medical staff to a level that allows confident, safe and efficient clinical application of this novel method, and providing them a clear view on achievable therapeutic benefits, limitations and potential specific risks.

 Learning objective:

  • Difference between upper and lower motor neuron lesion
  • Equipment and electrical parameters for direct muscle stimulation
  • Guidelines for clinical application / home-based therapy
  • Therapeutic benefits, limitations and risks

Minimum number of attendees: 20  

Free Workshop Sponsored by:

Alberta Paraplegic Foundation