State-of-the-art Closed-loop Controllers for Functional Electrical Stimulation

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Speaker: Dr. Cheryl Lynch 

#1: An introduction to advanced control strategies for FES researchers.
#2: Sliding mode control of neuroprostheses in individuals with spinal cord injuries. 

Speaker: Dr. Warren Dixon

#3: Lyapunov-based control: Tutorial
#4: Lyapunov-based hybrid and optimal control for Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES)

Speaker: Dr. Nitin Sharma

#5: Robust and adaptive nonlinear controllers for NMES
#6: Predictor-based controller for compensating electromechanical delay during NMES

Speaker: Dr. Abbas Erfanian

#7: Title: TBD

Workshop Description: Full Day

Many FES researchers are familiar with basic control concepts, but do not have the tools necessary to understand and use advanced linear and nonlinear control methods. This workshop will provide an introduction to these contemporary control strategies, and will equip the FES researcher to start implementing these concepts in neuromodulation applications. Specific examples of advanced closed-loop FES control methodologies will be presented by the speakers, including the practical considerations involved in controlling electrically stimulated muscle contractions in individuals who have neurological disabilities.

Learning Objectives:

  • Get up to date with new concepts of control theory such as Lyapunov-based control theory, hybrid control theory, sliding mode control, etc
  • Learn to utilize nonlinear control or other state-of-the-art control methods for Functional electrical Stimulation or Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation.
  • Learn why these new concepts and control techniques are significant and provide an advantage over conventional or off-the-shelf control methods.
  • Panellists will also discuss their clinical relevance or clinical outcomes of their research
  • Audience will also participate in Q&A and panel discussion.

Minimum number of attendees: 20

Cost: $25